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Ensuring health for babies and mothers


To raise €100,000 in order to support a new Women’s Health Pavilion in the hospital complex

clear_allProject Description

Village Health Works (“VHW”) transformed the mountain village of Kigutu, 60 miles southwest of the capital city of Bujumbura, into a center of quality, community-driven health care and a teaching and training center for all aspects of rural life. Since 2007, VHW has been providing health care in this village and serves a population of approximately 200,000. Their campus is nestled amongst lush mountains and overlooks Lake Tanganyika, the oldest and one of the largest lakes in the world. Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, today 80% or the population lives on under $1 a day. VHWs operations have steadily expanded and up to date include a comprehensive community health clinic and small inpatient hospital. They also provide development programs focused on sustainable agriculture, education, arts and culture, gender-based violence prevention, and economic empowerment. However, specialized care is not yet available at VHW, such as emergency obstetrics. Community engagement is the foundation of all the VHW programs, with the understanding that this is the most powerful way to accomplish meaningful and lasting change. Led by Deo Niyizonkiza, whose inspiring story of survival is captured in the New York Times best seller, „Strength in What Remains“, Village Health Works has transformed the mountain village of Kigutu. Supporters such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have all invested in Deo’s vision of health and hope for Burundi. Toni Garrn visited the village in Kigutu in 2017 and it is her heartfelt wish to support the Women’s Health Pavilion which will be part of the newly built hospital.
Please use following link for further information https://www.villagehealthworks.org/whptext

multiline_chartPresent Status

The hospital shape and structure continues to be revealed. According to plan the Kigutu Hospital and Women's Health Pavilion with 150 beds should be completed in 2020.

donut_smallFundraising Status

A total of $50,000 has been donated through Toni Garrn’s network for VHW.


VHW's health impact includes 45.000 clinical consultations in 2018, a 19% increase from 2017. Almost 65% of the patients who visited the clinic in 2018 were women. The clinic  provides 8 different types of clinical services.

Through primary health care services treating and preventing illness becomes feasible for the first time within this region.