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Enabling girls to higher education


To raise $200,000 in order to finance the construction of a dormitory and a science lab.

clear_allProject Description

The main goal of this project is to build a dormitory for girls and two female teachers at the Wioso Senior High School in the northwest of Kumasi in Ghana. The housing provides girls a safe home and thereby enables them to receive a proper school education. The successful realization of this construction is a key wish from local community leaders and parents since most of the students live far away from the school.

A school bus for the young folks is also requested to guarantee a safe transportation and minimize the students’ walking time to reach the school facilities.

The Toni Garrn Foundation is teaming up with Alma Mater Education, an NGO based in England to leverage both core organizational competencies and successfully support the community on-site.

Wioso Senior High School

The operation of the Wioso Senior High School is a pilot project in Ghana as it combines a high school with an organic farm in a rural area. It is the first Alma Mater Education (“AME”) school and was opened in the town of Wioso, Ashanti Region, in September of 2015. The specific location was selected with the support of local partners, such as The Ghana Education Service and Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture, as this area is particularly in need of educational support. The school is in a way unique that it combines a formal secondary school with a 25 acre organic farm. Not only provides the farm an excellent source of nutritious food for the students, but also acts as a center for conducting different training programs. Highly relevant skills in these rural communities, such as sustainable or organic farming and entrepreneurship are taught.

multiline_chartPresent Status

The construction of the dormitory started end of August and was finished at the end of 2018.

Negotiations with the local authorities for new land to build two more schools in that region have already started.

donut_smallFundraising Status

About 70% have been donated until April 2019.

The i engineering group, a leading provider of engineering infrastructure solutions to the telecommunications and power indurstries across Africa have tremendously helped building the dormitory.

iEngineering Group, our project sponsor


Currently, the school provides an education to 180 students of who 50% are female.

Having a place to live in a dormitory will enable these girls to proceed with a secondary education. Secondary instead of basic education leads to severe effects on their earning potential, aspiration level, health and surely life expectancy.