Rwanda start 2019Bugesera

Enabling early childhood education


To raise 100.000€ to improve early childhood care and development

clear_allProject Description

In Bugesera, two new centers for early childhood development (ECD) will be established and 75 community members are currently trained to become caregivers for small children. They  are trained in pedagogy and learn about the minimum standards for early childhood development and the national curriculum for early childhood education.

In addition, 50 young mothers are given vocational and entrepreneurial training so they can earn their living expenses by themselves and ensure that their children receive early childhood education and care.

multiline_chartPresent Status

The planning stage has been completed and the project realization has already started.


This project has an impact on the whole family and community. Giving little children the chance of an early childhood education, they are supported from the very beginning.  But also other family members are relieved of their task of taking care of the young ones, enabling them to pursue their own educational goals.

donut_smallFundraising Status

Fundraising has started in May 2019.