Uganda start 2019 Mpigi Region


To raise €80,000

  • supporting a low cost private primary school 
  • building a maternity center where women can give birth in a safe environment
  • providing scholarships to promising young females for secondary school
  • sustaining a girl’s on a mission empowerment center

clear_allProject Description

This project meets the needs of the whole community, it comprises a primary school, a “Women’s Empowerment Center” as well as a “Health Center”.

Our local partner, the “Abato Foundation” is a nonprofit organization serving children in one of the poorest communities in Uganda which is based in Mpigi, a rural village about 1.5 hour-drive from the capital Kampala.

It all started in 2014 with a small building and a vision by Moses Kalanzi, founder of the Abato Foundation, who wanted to transform a community by making a difference and giving children the opportunity to receive a good education within a safe environment. Nowadays the Abato Foundation is a low-cost private school which provides high standard education for around 300 children from kindergarten till primary school. It’s accessible to everyone no matter which religion. Even disabled children are welcome and if people can’t afford to cover fees, the school gives the opportunity to pay for related costs with everything that can be of use for the school, for example fire wood (for cooking), harvest or brick (for erecting new facilities).

Out of the need for support of young Women, in 2017 the “Girls On A Mission” campaign was formed and started its work by raising awareness about menstruation and sexual education throughout the village. Soon it became clear that the girls and women needed their own place. With the help of the Toni Garrn Foundation and the “Girls On A Mission e.V.”the “Women’s Empowerment Center” was built.

The building serves as a meeting place for women and various vocational trainings,girls and women can achieve skills to start their own business and be financially independent.

“Educate a girl – empower a nation!”

Health care is often a problem in rural areas. To transform the community and create impact the Abato Foundation also started constructing a health facility in 2018. At this small medical center, the children along with the surrounding community can be treated for common diseases like malaria. With the help of the Toni Garrn Foundation the medical center can be enlarged with a maternity center where women are able to give birth in safe environments.

Together with the “Girls On A Mission e.V.” and in cooperation with the “Abato Foundation Uganda” the Toni Garrn Foundation will provide scholarships for secondary school.

multiline_chartPresent Status

Toni Garrn Foundation visited the Abato Foundation in November 2019. At that time the school provides an education to about 351 students of the age between 3 and 15 years. The school also accommodated around 52 girls and 28 boys at boarding school.
The Women Empowerment Center started with its work in January 2020. From the first day on the center had more than 50 women participating the skill based trainings.
Toni Garrn Foundation is supporting the establishment of the women’s maternity and trauma center. The first construction phase of the building has been completed.
Six girls who graduated from “Abato School” are able to proceed with secondary school through the scholarship program.


Since 2012, the foundation has supported 1.356 children through its educational programs. Besides education the school is transforming the community also with addressing the social injustices including child marriages, gender disparity and controlling population because the more girls acquire education, the fewer their chances of getting pregnant.

The maternity center will ensure that the facility is upgraded to a Health Center three status which gives it the ability to reach 4000 people annually.

In 2019, the Girls on a Mission Empowerment Center was established to improve the conditions of living of women through providing skills education to improve their incomes. Girls on a Mission is currently training 52 women (first intake of vocational skills scholars)

The Center is also a safe space for young women who have been affected by abuse and domestic violence. It is expected that each year, the center will graduate 100 women who will start up local businesses with the skills acquired.

donut_smallFundraising Status

About 70% of the budget have been donated until March 2020.