Zimbabwe 2016 to 2018Chipinge

Providing educational opportunities for girls


To create educational opportunities for girls in Zimbabwe in cooperation with Plan International Deutschland e.V.

clear_allProject Description

This project funds the construction of three girls-dormitories at three different schools in the region of Chipinge as well as safe, gender-separated washrooms and new classrooms for girls. The education for parents, teachers and community members are to be sensitized around the importance of education for girls. Emphasizing on and effectively communicating this human right is essential for the girls’ living for a better.

multiline_chartPresent Status

The contruction of 2 remaining dormitories have been finalized. Until the end of the year they will be equipted with Solar panels and furnished. Trainings for girls on sexual and reproductiv health and for teachers and students on gender equality have been completed. Girls and boys clubs have been established to support other children.

donut_smallFundraising Status

This project is fully funded with a total amount of $340,000.


2,300 girls and boys across six different schools profit from this project due to the following actions:

  • Reduce the distance and physical barriers between girls and their education through the constructions of a new girls-only dormitories. 
  • Enable girls to attend school during their menstruation because of the provision of girls-only bathrooms. Normally, girls stay home during that time due to the lack of separate washrooms. 
  • Create a safe and age-appropriate learning environment inside and outside of the classroom. Especially increase the support for girls through meetings with community leaders who promote gender-equality and advocacy community-wide.