The Team

Toni Garrn AJG Model-Support GmbH

Toni Garrn

Founder and Head of Board

Model and actress Toni Garrn has always had a desire to see girls' lifted up and empowered. From age 15, when she first sponsored a girl in Vietnam, to starting teacher scholarship programs for women in Burkina Faso, onto supporting school lodgings in Zimbabwe, Toni has always known education is the key in breaking the cycle of poverty. “By supporting girls' education, we not only empower the girls, but also their families and communities, lifting up an entire generation.” Since 2014, she has been a Global Ambassador for Plan International's Because I am a Girl movement. In February 2016, furthering her activism and providing more focus to her work and the projects she supports, Toni established the Toni Garrn Foundation, raising money specifically for projects advocating and advancing the rights of girls and their education. Toni is committed to working towards a world where children, especially girls, can all utilize their full potential!

In July 2018 she was appointed as Ambassador for SDG 5- Gender Equality by the Federal Minister of Economic Cooperaton and Development, Dr Gerd Müller .

AJG Model-Support GmbH

Yannick Stubbe

Board Member

Over the last ten years Yannick has gained valuable cultural experience in the USA, Thailand and Hong Kong while studying finance abroad. He is holding an MBA from Queens Univesitiy of Charlotte, USA and is presentlich working for a European Bank in Shanghai.Yannick has been engaged with Rotary since 2012 and has since given back to underprivileged communities at every place he lives.

As a #tgfrunner he started to promote the education of young girls in Africa within the running community in Germany. Due to his recent work-related move to Shanghai, China, he is encouraged to advocate the rights of African girls in China. Promoting and being responsible for his cousin’s foundation empowers Yannick to affect their lives for the better.

Niklas Garrn AJG Model-Support GmbH

Niklas Garrn 

Board Member

Toni’s brother Niklas studied Industrial Engineering and business in Hamburg, Munich, Singapore and New York. After high school he spent a year doing social service at a school for disabled children in South Africa. Working with underprivileged children was an unforgettable experience for Niklas and sparked his interest for the African continent.

Toni and Niklas have worked together regularly over the past years, for example they recently designed a unisex clothing line “EQL” together, promoting gender equality. Niklas is extremely excited to support TGF create a sustainable impact for girls in Africa.

Apart from supporting TGF, Niklas works as a strategy consultant at a global technology firm in Munich.

Eva-Maria Schmitt AJG Model-Support GmbH
Eva-Maria Schmitt

Communication Germany

Eva is Toni’s main agent and has been working and traveling to various projects in Africa with Toni since 2013. While Toni ́s work as a model and her humanitarian role are more linked each year, Eva ́s involvement with Toni ́s charity work came as a natural extension of their professional relationship.

Eva’s motivation is not just based from her professional commitment, as she has been involved with charitable initiatives in Ghana via her family since she was a child and has first started as an agent in the fashion industry in South Africa. With Toni and the Toni Garrn Foundation, she has worked on the ground working on many trips and initiatives, including to Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

AJG Model-Support GmbH

Kevin Ross

Communication US

Kevin works for Toni’s Social Media communication in her modeling and acting career and runs the foundation communication in the US. With on the ground experience in poverty-relief and peace-keeping projects in both Africa and Europe, Kevin’s experience in the NGO sector rounds out the teams deep involvement working on the continent. Kevin holds a BA in International Relations from Florida International University, and an MA in Legal and Political Theory from University College London. 
Anja Garrn AJG Model-Support GmbH

Anja Garrn 

Director of Administration and Trustee

Anja holds a a Master of Business Administration from Hamburg Universitiy and has been responsible for Toni’s finance and business management throughout her career. When Toni’s wish to establish her own foundation became clear, Anja helped to set up the fiduciary foundation first under the roof of Plan International Deutschland e V. and since August 2018 her company, AJG Model-Support GmbH, is Trustee of the Toni Garrn Foundation. Anja accompanied Toni on various trips to Africa.

Thomas Krüger AJG Model-Support GmbH

Thomas Krüger

Advisory Board

Thomas works as a lawyer in Hamburg. He specializes in legal and tax advice to nonprofit organizations. Over the past 15 years, Thomas has provided legal support to numerous charitable projects in Africa and Asia, as well as auditing the use of funds on the ground.

Supporting educational projects for girls is particularly important to him, because good education and training are the best tools against poverty and oppression.

Dr. Christian Freudeberg AJG Model-Support GmbH

Dr Christian Freudenberg

Advisory Board

Christian has spent various years in the entertainment, advertising and music industry, before he joined the multi-disciplinary firm Schomerus & Partner in Hamburg as an attorney. He is specialized in trademark, copyright, advertising and data protection law.

He decided to support the Toni Garrn Foundation, because the investment in education will enable the girls to live a self-determined life.